Monday, February 23, 2009

The best night out.

Yes, that is a Cowboy shirt & he is our friend anyway.

They are in the middle of a basement renovation. All the Stine's & bottles are going away & will be replaced with sports memorabilia. They have been collecting old baseball gloves, skis, skates, etc. Maybe when they are finished they'll let me come over & take pictures to show you everything they have on display.The reason we were asked over was to visit, as she says, MY STALKER. My friend Kay was in town with her daughter, she attended preschool with Eric.

They a cute mother & daughter.

Now when Kay leaves GEL-Oh a comment you can put a face with the name. It was so nice seeing both mother & daughter. The best nights out are always at the home of friends. Oh, Kay is the sister-in-law of the Cowboy fan.

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Kay said...

OK Gail - I could have lived with the first picture but then I scrolled down - !!!! I was so happy you came over to Bonnie's. It made my overnight stay a very memorable one! We will have to do it again.