Tuesday, January 6, 2009


While I was away having fun, Mick kept working away at home. Now that the living, dining & foyer floors are refinished he decided to remove the carpet on the stairs and refinish them. Of course it was much more work than he expected the job to be.
Like the other rooms he sanded, sanded & sanded. Then he put on a coat of stain and one coat of polyurethane. He needs to do more filling before the final coat of polyurethane. It looks so different with the carpet off. I wish I had taken a picture before he started. We have just about run out of projects on the first floor. WOO HOO


Mau said...

Nice stairs. We have been "planning" to do ours for 5 years. In our house, you would not be able to live in the house without using the stairs, so I have been waiting for a time when everyone is gone. The problem is, when they are gone, I am, too!

lilpoppy said...

They look great!!

Kristy Girl said...

no more tea stain?!