Monday, December 22, 2008


We got lots of snow over the weekend. I would guess 15 inches. It was beautiful White Christmas snow! Was nice to be inside working on Christmas preparations and looking out at the storm.

Mick spent another weekend in the dining room. This is what two coats of blue tinted primer & one coat of the dark blue paint looks like.He thought using the tinted primer he would only need one coat of paint. OH NO. He ended up having to paint four coats and used two gallons.
I need to have a Tip Thursday on Monday. When painting with a very dark color be prepared to do four coats. I know this applies to red also. Anyway, I love the color. I assume not everyone is going to like this but I never let that stop me from doing what I like when it comes to home decorating. Once the room is put back together I'll have more pictures.


lilpoppy said...

Trust me, we know ALL about painting a dark color. And what happens when you DON'T use colored primer.

Amber said...

We got a ton of snow! We had a snow day today and Friday... Right now the wind is more of an issue than falling snow.

You've inspired me to start a blog. :) If only I had awesome pics to put on it like yours! :)

GEL-Oh said...

Amber, I've seen your pictures & you are a wonderful photographer. If you are going to start a blog, start by taking picutres everyday. Pictures of the people, places & things around you. Have your camera out & ready ALL the time.