Friday, December 5, 2008

Button Tree

Spent hours, hours & hours pinning buttons onto a Styrofoam tree.
Actually, I find mindless crafting work very therapeutic. Now that it's finished it doesn't look like it fits in with the rest of our decorations. So, It will spend the holiday season on my desk at work.
I'm attempting to make more than usual gifts this year and I'm also putting a lot of time & fanciness into the wrapping of each gift. I am so excited to be crafting this weekend. Also, some card writing. Enjoy your weekend!!

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Leigh Leigh said...

I absolutely love this tree. I totally want to make one now. I agree about the therapeutic nature of mindless tasks. I made these really cool ornaments about two years ago that are a bunch of beads all pinned into a styrofoam ball. They came out really nice.