Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Antique Wallpaper

Mick spent his entire Saturday working in the dining room. He tore out a built in cupboard. It was NOT original to the house. We were surprised to see wallpaper on the wall behind the cupboard.
There was a very large border at the top.
We both loved the paper.
We are now thinking of papering the room instead of painting. Projects always turn into more than expected. The plaster lathe was so bad he had to take it down.


lilpoppy said...

projects, projects and more projects!! My goodness what will be next? The entire upstairs? Mick could always come to Helfer Ln.

Bone said...

Never ends!

Kristy Girl said...

oh my...that turned into a big project! but every renovation has come out great so far!

Mau said...

What's under the stairs?