Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving: Around the House Again

I started the week with decorations around the house & that's how I'm ending it. An old Mason jar filled with some chestnuts around a votive candle & a ribbon.
Had to keep some wool acorns around. I love these things! I'll continue to make more until I run out of tops. Can only make around 5 at a time. My hands get raw from all the hot water & rolling of wool.
I keep the pussy willows out all year even thou they are a spring thing. I bought the metal turkey in Canada when Eric was playing there.
The page is from a Jell-O cookbook from 1924. It is clipped onto a wire grater bent in half. The cookbook has a page for each month so each month I change it up. Maybe one day I'll try one of the recipes?
Now that the decorating is finished it's time to start some serious Thanksgiving menu planning, recipe searching, figuring out what I need to buy and what we have. I've chosen craft intensive name place cards this year. I may have to start those before my craft assistance's arrive.

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