Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is the spot where tea, 90,000 pounds to be exact, was dumped into Boston Harbor. I took this picture when I was in Boston this July 4th. My most favorite new purchase. I'm doing a small bit to keep our non-existent economy going. I bought it at Crate&Barrel when I was at Head of the Charles in Boston, what a coincidence, Boston. Everyone who drinks tea needs one. So easy & makes for a much more flavourful cup of tea. I love this thing! It has changed my life. I used to use a toothpick to pull out the bag. I would end up with burnt & tea stained fingers. Plus, all those toothpicks that I wasted, I'm trying to "Go Green." Going Green, another subject in my house that we have a difference of opinion. I'm also putting a little tea into the holiday season. Ill have to show on another post!


lilpoppy said...

Those holiday "tea" things are still not done??? I wonder what happaned to that craft idea.

Mau said...

Thank God for that tea grabber thing. I was just lamenting how horrible life was with tea that tastes like toothpicks and fingers! I need to get to Boston right away..

Kristy Girl said...

yumm! love tea! did you ever figure out how to do the cool tea pyramid that we had at the st. lawrence bookstore?!