Monday, November 3, 2008

TAG, I'm it!

My daughter tagged me... so now I have to follow these rules as does everyone that I tag!!...
So here they are:
Link the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
Leave a comment to let them know.

1. I bring my camera with me where ever I go. My friends & family are getting used to this, I think.
2. I always want to be the driver. NO one drives as good as me. I don't like being the passenger. I have to stop myself when I'm a passenger from not making corrections to the driver. Although, with my family I can't always stop myself from correcting. LUD spent several hockey seasons traveling with me, he knows what I'm talking about.
3. I like burnt food. Toast, English muffins, pizza, hot dogs, vegetables. Everything burnt except steak or cookies.
4. I hate reading a newspaper after someone else has already taken it apart and read it. I want to be the first to read the newspaper. I've even gone as far as hiding the Sunday paper so I can be first, I'm ashamed to say.
5. I shower in the evening, never in the morning.
6. I made a walking route 5 years ago & I'm still walking the same route. I like the mindless familiarity of walking the same path over & over.

I'm tagging the same fellow bloggers as Amie tagged. I don't believe anyone has blogged their quirks yet. Also, they are the only bloggers I know! So, Lilpoppy, Ke, Rachel, John, Leigh Anna & Kristen. Also, Mau, she was going to post her quirks on Amie's Blog.

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Mau said...

Well, LUD, does no one drive as well as GEL-oh?