Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Family, Food, Football, and FUN!
by guest blogger team: Mickey and Mau
Nothing's better than a full driveway...

except maybe a full candy jar. This one was full.
Lots of preparation:
The lovely table:
Aunt GEL-oh fretted over the HUGE turkey getting done "in time."
Finally -- and worth the wait!
We had a near catastrophe, but Aunt GEL-oh saved the day -- or at least the gravy.

Food food food...
We had way too many pies.
Dan was hard at work.
Eric returning from a morning of tracking Bambi:
An uninvited guest -- not me, the cat!
The girls walked and ran in the morning.
Don't worry; we had no heart attacks. Only Kelsey ran.

Uggggghhh. Is this the fun?
Joe thinks so; he's a true Dallas fan.

We've also got a puzzle going and lots of crafts planned (in Amie's honor). Don't worry about Dan; he's having fun, now, with the puzzle crowd. He also had lots of good, home cooked, food.

Thanks, Aunt GEL-oh, for another great Thanksgiving! (There's always room for GEL-oh.)


ke said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Dan had a good time. Thanks for inviting him! Mau and Mickey--you are excellent bloggers!

Kristy Girl said...

wow...the food looks delicious!!