Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Head of The Charles Part 1 of 3

I took this through my front windshield while driving to HOTC. The leaves were at their peak over the weekend. We were some of the estimated 200,000 spectators to attend.
Our favorite rower!
The team came in 18th place last year so their bow number & starting position will be 18 this year.
The first seat belongs to Kelsey. Carrying the boat to the launch site.
Kelsey & the cocksin each wear the bow number.
Getting ready to board the boat. There was a very cold wind.

Starting the row from the launch site to the start line. They had to row the entire course to reach the start line.

We then took off walking to just past the first bridge to wait for them to race by.

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ke said...

LOVE the picture of Kelsey!! Go Kelsey!!