Monday, October 27, 2008

Felted Acorns

Our neighbor Bob collected acorn tops from his backyard tree so I could make felted acorns. He got four finished acorns as a thank you. Thanks to Mickey, she took the unwanted bits out of the tops. Crafting is always so messy.
Can't explain why these pictures came out so bad. Actually I know why, I should have changed some camera settings.
This is what one acorn starts out as. Hand model, Mau.
The felting process hot water & dish soap. We got the directions off of another blog. Finished acorns. I love them.
Mine are sitting on a window sill. Mau bought a small wooden bowl at Crate & Barrel for hers.

Thanksgiving, is one month from today!! Yesterday I made Pumpkin Bread to kick off my preparations.


Leigh Leigh said...

These are so cool! I love them!

LA Girl said...

Yours look the best out of all the other ones I have seen!

Kristy Girl said...

yay! you did the project! looks great!