Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My mother-in-law is always in my thoughts especially in October when I think about the importance of having screening mammograms. A friend who reads my Blog, told me she was several months behind in having her yearly mammogram and my blog reminded her to get that appointment. I had tears in my eyes thinking that maybe I did one small bit of good with my message.

What are the benefits of screening mammograms?

Several large studies conducted around the world show that breast cancer screening with mammograms reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer for women ages 40 to 69, especially those over age 50. Studies conducted to date have not shown a benefit from regular screening mammograms, or from a baseline screening mammogram (a mammogram used for comparison), in women under age 40.
From the National Cancer Institute Website
As the month comes to an end, I hope you still keep the message in mind and have your yearly mammogram.

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