Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It has come to this?

The Hatch Shell is where Rascal Flats, we saw them live on Thursday practicing, and the Boston Pops played. The entire area several streets around was blocked off near the shell. Admittance was only after going thru screening. During our walkabout we could not believe the security involved in this event. The few pictures I took do not do justice to what was there. I tried to be discrete in what I took, I didn’t want to be taken off someplace and questioned as to my photographic motives. We saw rows & rows of police cars, an FBI bomb squad with all their equipment, a CSI woman dressed in an outfit that looked like a space suit, a “Commander” in a jump suit with a head set and all this equipment around his waist and National Guard members they all looked so young.
Many officers on motorcycles, I actually liked seeing them. Their uniforms are neat.
I'm sure they are talking to their wives on the cells.

There was also boat patrols in the Charles River.
This would be a good job for Eric. Biking the streets of Boston all day.
After the fireworks a helicopter patrolled the river using a spot light.
I did finally get the nerve to ask a Boston Police Officer what all this security costs the city, he didn't know. He did say they received federal assistance. Also, that this doesn't compare to the security for the NYC fireworks display. Mick and I were continually thinking at least this was Massachusetts tax dollars at "work" only to find NY is spending more.


lilpoppy said...

Looks like a great place to visit-maybe someday!!

Kristy Girl said...

i love rascall flats!! sounds like you had a great time!! im so sad you arent coming to the air will be missed! i already told eric that i have to take enough pictures to make up for the fact that you won't be hopefully i wont get too many complaints!!