Friday, June 27, 2008

Vegetarian Dinner

Amie requested corn-on-the-cob and salt potatoes for dinner. Since she doesn’t eat much meat I decided to have a vegetarian dinner. I stopped at an Amish farm stand on my drive home & bought peas. I bought 2 bags at $1 each. It took me FOREVER to shuck those peas. I will never do that again.
What started out as a large pile ended up a very small bowl. Thank goodness Mick doesn’t like peas because there is not enough for everyone.
We have a local graduation party tonight & then Z’s party tomorrow. Let the fun begin!

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Leigh Leigh said...

Yummy! My favorite meal growing up was when we picked veggies out of the garden and had them with corn bread. We would have cucumbers w/ vinegar, butter beans, green beans, tomatoes, squash, etc. It is making me hungry just thinking about it. We did not have that dinner as much in Columbia since we no longer had that wonderful garden that was in Franklin.