Monday, June 16, 2008

Abduction of Agent 99

Agent 99, my Garmin GPS, was abducted from the inside of my car, which was parked inside our garage, sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. This is what she looked like. I see she costs considerably less than the $285 that Mick paid when he bought her for my 50th birthday. I will mess her terribly. She has been my travel partner for almost a year. Not that I travel that much when I need to know where I am going but, for some reason, I like seeing my estimated arrival time. I hope whoever has her won't be showing up at LUD's, Kristen's or my office. On second thought, show up at the office and get some work done! I did report the adbuction to our local police force and we will be keeping the man door to the garage locked even when we are home. Also, I went out and spoke to several of our neighbors so they keep their cars locked at night.
I guess there is no such thing as safe small towns. : (
Lisa, Amie's friend and classmate posted several pictures of their Europe trip on her blog. You can go here to see them. Speaking of Blogs, Amie changed up the design of her Blog. It is so her and she beat me to the task. I have been saving up a new design for mine but don't think I have the computer skills to get the job done. Amie will be coming home in a week and will assist me. Speaking of computer skills, just when I think my computer skills are terrible I find out that one of my sister-in-law's can't figure out how to post a comment onto my blog. I know she reads my blog and I would love to see a comment from her. I love comments!! Speaking of comments, my son gets six or seven comments on the pictures he posts of dead animals and animals that he hopes will soon be dead. I post pictures of beautiful flowers and landscapes and receive three or four comments. There is something wrong with that.


lilpoppy said...

Wow, how sad is that. What is wrong with people?

Leigh Leigh said...

That is such a bummer. I know exactly how it feels to come to your car and realize someone broke in. I am suprised the insurance company did not investigate me after my rear vent glass was broken three times. They took stupid stuff like umbrellas and jumper cables. Was that really necessary. They gained nothing from that experience. There were actually people on my block who posted notes in their back windows saying that there is nothing in the car so please don't break the glass.

Mau said...

Can't Agent 99 find her way home?