Tuesday, May 13, 2008

working : walking : watching

Back to work yesterday, after missing seven working days, my desk wasn’t as buried as I thought it would be. They took care of everything they could. After I got home I walked my entire three mile route. It was the first time in months I completed the entire route. I didn’t walk my usual fast pace, my feet felt like lead weights the entire trip but it seemed great to be out again. I was finally able to get a picture of one of the blue jays that live in our yard. I took it using a telephoto lens with the camera on my tripod. I tried all last week to get a picture but the blue jay knew I was on the deck and would not come to the feeders. I had the tripod set up to take the picture of Bone & I and left it out for awhile. I guess the blue jay got used to seeing it. Even with that I had to hide behind the tripod to get the picture. I have to resort to birds when I don’t have any family around to let me that their picture. : )


Mau said...

Great picture!

lilpoppy said...

If you ever want to change your walking route,this is the website that I have been using. Just put in your zip code and it will show you a map of your neighborhood. Use the cursor to map out a new route and it will show you the exact mileage and streets to take. We are up to 3.74 miles and are working towards 5!