Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Birds

Don't know why, but I've always had an interest in bird watching. I also like pictures of birds, I have several decorative birds through out the house & I even have four Beanie Baby birds. Remember Beanie Babies? We once spent one of our family reunions in search of & purchasing Beanie Babies. Are they even worth (monetarily speaking) anything today?

I purchased this book to help with bird identification. I wish I had birds to identify, the six or so types of birds that come to our yard I can already identify. It is interesting reading about each bird thou.

The pictures are not that great. I didn't have the telephoto lens on the camera and I didn't want to get so close that I scared the robin away. The cardinal was taken through the family room window.


lilpoppy said...

I love the bird bath!

The Mad Tern said...

I miss eastern birds. We have no cardinals here, and our blue jays (Stellar's Jays) are not as pretty. We do, however, enjoy our chickadees, bushtits, sparrows, and robins.

What I probably miss most is the geese migrations. This is the first place I have ever lived, I think, that is not on a Canada Geese flyway. We have geese, but we're a destination rather than a flyover.

There are lots of geese at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge northwest of us on the Columbia River.

My favorite birds are the loons. Andy and I saw a couple once on a canoe trip at Ross Lake on the BC border. However, they are not common anywhere here like they are in the Adirondacks.

LA Girl said...

I love your use of photoshop! Your skills are really coming along! I especially like what you did with the first one!

GEL-Oh said...

Yeah, Photoshop, another way to waste a huge amount of time on the computer. I do LOVE it thou!

Bone said...

We need to upgrade you to a super computer with mad picture editing capabilities!