Monday, February 18, 2008

Rebuilding Project

The living room renovation is coming along. The first photo shows what the shelving units looked like prior to the renovation. I never liked the arches, they look like they belonged in an Italian restaurant. The cabinetrey is not original to the house. The cabinet was built in 1974 the house in 1890.

The arches were cut off and new molding was made to go across the entire unit. The moldings were made to match the original moldings in the house. I wanted to get a few more pictures of Mick cutting off the arches but when I took the one shown he thought he cut an electrical outlet when the flash went off. He, surprisingly, is VERY tolerant of my picture taking but that little scare was the end of the photos for this day. I continually remind him that he bought me the camera.

The doors are coming off and new ones have been made. They will have no knobs and will be hung with hidden hinges. I don't want them to look like they belong in a kitchen. The cabinetrey will be painted ivory. Not sure about the color for the back wall. I have purchased paintable wallpaper that has a linen texture, we may or may not use the paper.

The brick on the fireplace is going to be refaced. LUD sent us some samples of brick and we have decided on Pennsylvania Dry Stack Stone. Will take some pictures of that phase for another post.


Mau said...

My favorite post so far!

lilpoppy said...

Can't wait to see more!! Please don't make us wait till 2010! :)

The Mad Tern said...

Our house has arches all over it - mostly the inside doors. Those and the decorative bricking of the fireplace and the outside give it a really tacky Spanish '70s look. It'll remain that way, however, because I don't have any talent in that area! Even if I did, it would be very low on the priority list behind a number of jobs involving the dreaded plumbing!

Good Job!

Bone said...

I am sure dad was "VERY tolerant" when he almost cut into the electrical outlet. I know from past renovation operations that this is a lie.

P.S. Why are the word verifications so long?

GEL-Oh said...

Bone,he didn't cut into an electical wire. When the camera flash went off he thought that's what happened.

Kristy Girl said...

it looks good!! cant wait to see it in person!