Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Good. The Bad. The Beautiful.

The Good: LA girl had a car accident on the 6th. The car is a complete loss. The GOOD, neither Amie nor Lisa were injured. She will now lease a car and hopefully be safe on the busy streets of the city.
The Bad: Our weather has been terrible, since the 1st of February. My work commute has been slow going. It took me 49 minutes one morning, instead of my usual 24. We went to the Syracuse basketball game vs. Connecticut and never got home until 12:20am. There was ice, sleet, slush & snow. A section of Route 81 was even closed.

The Beautiful: My friend Sandra turned 50 Saturday, the last in my circle of friends to join the club. We had a delicious dinner out on Thursday and gave her a Syracuse sweatshirt. She is an alumni and a huge SU sports fan. Most importantly, she is a GREAT Mom. I learn so much from watching her interact with her daughters. Also, she owns her own business and is one of the hardest workers I know.

The above is a picture in NYC the summer of 2006.


lilpoppy said...

Nice entry! Like I told LA Girl, cars can be replaced, people can't. Does not look like your typical north country winter, usually you have the cold and not the snow. Happy 50th. Sandy! Hope you had a GREAT birthday.

dollface said...

I've already ridden with her in her new car and she is very cautious so don't you fret!