Thursday, December 13, 2007

Living Room Project

This is our living room with the wall to wall carpet out and wallpaper off the walls. Walls are in pretty good shape considering the house was built in late 1800's.

The fireplace is going to be refaced, we don't want the vents. We'll install a gas fireplace insert. The arch over the built inn is going to be removed and the doors are going to be done over. Now I just need to figure out the style of the doors, find some brick that I like, wall paint, built inn paint, furniture, rug, etc, etc, etc.


Donna said...

Can't wait to see it all finished. With all the things my sister needs to pick out, should be done by 2010. Ha Ha Just thinking of the kitchen project.

Amie said...

I know right...2010 it you mom :)

Eric said...

The destruction part of the project always makes it look like it is going quick!