Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C is for Cookies

Mom's cookie party was very nice. There were lots of great looking cookies to choose from. Donna did choose my handmade ornament. She had a very high number. In fact, she was third from the last to pick. Must be the guests don't appreciate homemade ornaments. I spent all day Friday shopping, mostly for craft items for the reunion and holiday decorating. Tomorrow I will start posting pictures of some of my projects.


Donna said...

There you go Mau, more craft ideas on the way. I am sure the LA girl will be glad to help. To bad I won't be there, my sister knows how much I love to make crafts.

Mau said...

Hey Donna, I'll send you a map and our crafting (Like that verb?)schedule. You can drop in on the days that interest you most. I plan to make some life-size snowmen out of dryer lint, so start collecting! We can store the finished products at Gale's. Aren't blog comments supposed to be sunshiny and uplifting? Maybe that's why I'm banned from these things!